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This is not an application for admission to a degree program.  This is a request form to register for an online or campus course.

Please fill in this form completely, read the ACCESS note at the end of the registration, and use the Submit button to send your registration. Information on this form will be checked for completeness when you submit it. If there are any problems found during processing, you will be given an error message that describes the problems. Please try to correct the errors based on the message and re-submit the form. If you receive an error message when you believe your submission is correct, please send an email to dsuinfo@dsu.edu and tell us the nature of the problem, including the Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) you are using and the content of the error message.

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If you are a United States citizen, do you certify under oath that you are registered with the Selective Service pursuant to the Military Selective Service Act 50 USC 453 as amended and in effect on January 1, 1988 or that for any reason specified in 50 USC453 you are not required to be registered? *
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The following is required for Civil Rights/Affirmative Action reporting purposes:
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Please Note: By returning this form, you certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the information furnished is complete and accurate, and you agree to submit only your own work as completed assignments for the course, and you agree to not give or send any materials, data, or assignments for the course to others, except as directed by the professor. 


SDePay Online Payment & Billing

Students can retrieve their billing statements online and make a payment through WebAdvisor with either an electronic check or a credit card as part of SDePay.

Features and Benefits

  • eBill (online statement) notification sent to your official DSU assigned email address.
  • View your current bill, payment history and up to 16 months of statements online anytime, anywhere for your convenience. Students are encouraged to review their student account regularly as a matter of good business practice.
  • Pay your bill electronically via SDePay with:
  • eCheck - automatic debit from checking or savings account
  • or
  • Credit Card - MasterCard, Discover, or American Express (subject to 2.75% service charge) VISA is not accepted.
  • Authorize parent/guardian/spouse to vie your statements and make payments on your behalf

For further information regarding Online Payment and Billing, please refer to the following website: http://www.dsu.edu/cashier/documents/SDePay-Brochuure-Information-April-2010.pdf

More information is also available on the Cashier's website: http://www.dsu.edu/cashier/index.aspx

You may also send an e-mail to: dsuinfo@dsu.edu for further information.

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